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About Out of Character
Welcome to Out of Character

We are a Non-RP Horde guild on the server Moon Guard.

The idea was inspired when Mylaina's Non-RPing friends joined Moon Guard to be able to play PvE and PvP with her.
Since then, one has become a RPer himself.  He, as well as Mylaina, have RP as well as OOC toons.
One continues to hold interest in Questing and Raiding, though isn't interested in RP.
One has decided he isn't interested in RPing on WoW, but loves watching the open RP of other players.
It was decided that a dedicated NON-RP guild was needed for anyone with OOC toons.
Mylaina bought a Guild Roster, and MUCH to her surprise "Out of Character" was available!
What could be a more fitting name for a Non-RP guild on Moon Guard?

So here we are.  We are a leveling, questing, social guild with interests in becoming a raiding guild eventually, and possibly a PvP guild.

Pretty much, whatever doesn't involve RP.

RPers ARE welcome as well.
Bring your OOC alts in!
Or, even if you're a SOMETIMES RPer who spends more time OOC
Or, if you want to RP eventually, but you want to hit max level first.

Vent info can be found HERE

We have a Facebook Page for screen shots, events, fun, humor, and more.
We also have a Twitter for important updates and rule changes (Twitter will be used for important stuff, so I would recommend having tweets sent to your phone via text msg so you don't miss anything important) 

All members should review the RULES.

All members should also review how our Guild ranks and promotions work.
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